- Capt. Mark Drown

Fishing Tours in Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon is located in the east coast of central Florida and is known as the Redfish Capital of the World. The lagoon rightfully earns this title as Redfish Capital of the World, from the large numbers of single redfish and schools of redfish that live and frequent the flats year round.

It is not uncommon on a calm glassy day to see redfish schools numbering in the 100s of redfish that are up to 40lbs. What makes Mosquito Lagoon even more of a unique fishing estuary is that our redfish rarely leave the lagoon system.

Mosquito Lagoon flats also offer a wide variety of other species of fish, some of which are spotted sea trout, snook, flounder, tarpon, pompano, jack crevels (a personal favorite), Spanish mackerel, black drum, lady fish, blue fish, triple tail, snapper, grouper, and the occasional bonefish that is caught every year.