- Capt. Mark Drown


Your fishing trip will start early in the morning (actual times vary by season). Bait & tackle are provided for you. Typically, we will meet at the local bait & tackle store and then promptly leave for a short drive to the boat ramp located in Mosquito Lagoon. Once the boat is launched we are on our way to catch the world famous redfish in the redfish capital of the world! We’ll make a run to the shallow water flats and I will pole the boat on/around the flats bringing you to tailing and waking redfish. As the angler, you will have the opportunity to cast your bait in the direct feeding path of the red drum, also know as redfish, among other types of fish found on the flats of Mosquito Lagoon.


When selecting a Mosquito Lagoon fishing guide there are some important things to consider, one of which is the boat. I fish out of a brand new 183 Sterling Flats boat which is almost 19’ long. It can comfortably accommodate up to three fishing anglers without being overcrowded. The 183 Sterling was built and designed by a well known bass boat manufacturer. It will allow me to pole a three man crew around in the extremely shallow waters of Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River system where many other brands of boats cannot go. This extreme shallow water access is important because Redfish feed naturally off of those shallow flats.